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Great News for Bonefish!
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Great News for Bonefish! The FLORIDA WILDLIFE COMMISSION UNANIMOUSLY VOTES TO MAKE BONEFISH AND TARPON CATCH AND RELEASE IN FLORIDA! We are pleased to inform you that at their Wednesday meeting in Lakeland, The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), unanimously approved new regulations to make tarpon and bonefish catch-and-release-only fisheries, making Florida the […]

Crazy Charlie
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Look inside the box of any bonefisherman anywhere in the world and, if you don’t find a Crazy Charlie inside, you will at least see the inside foam pierced with row upon row of patterns that stem from what many consider to be the most well-known bonefish fly of all time. When Charlie Smith (better known […]

Saltwater Fly Design with Dr. Aaron Adams
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What to Pack for a Day of Hawaiian Bonefishing
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Today we’re talking about gearing -up for your typical Hawaiian bonefishing trip – But it’s not about loading your big bag before you leave your house – you already know how to do that. In all packing-related conversations, opinions range from ‘less is more’ to ‘bring anything you might need’. We like to strike a happy […]

How to Handle a Hawaiian Bonefish
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If you’re fishing for bonefish somewhere like Hawaii, you’re not going to catch a lot of them. Yes, we all want to get a few hero shots, and that’s OK, as long as you treat the fish well in the process. What’s the best way to let those fish go? Simple – unless you absolutely […]

8-Weight Challenge: Salt Water Fly Reel Review
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Pretty Interesting fly reel review by Trident. Not sure I agree with their final rankings, however a good read none the less. I get the chance to see most of these reels perform on a the flats. I am not so sure that a sealed drag is always a good thing, try dunking a few […]

Yellowfin Tuna on a Bamboo Pole
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Yellowfin Tuna on a Bamboo Pole Ever hooked a Yellowfin Tuna on a fly? Try this!

Nikon Aw110 Waterproof Camera
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So we have been using this Nikon AW110 underwater point-and-shoot for a while now and have captured many fine Bonefish images. Hawaii flyfishing generally hammers stuff pretty good and this Nikon waterproof unit has definitely been up to the task. In our humble opinions, this is the best all-weather, bomb proof, fishing camera around. The AW110 and […]

Christmas Island Trevally Primer
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Join us for an epic adventure to Christmas Island, we are planning two trips this spring and still have space available. Just drop us a note and we will get you all the details! Rick@BonefishHawaii.com I recently spent 6 days fly fishing in Christmas Island, Kiribati.  This was my first trip to Christmas Island (CXI).  […]

Don't Give Up on that Hawaiian Bonefish
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WE ALL KNOW THE HEARTBREAK OF SEEING A BIG FISH SPOOK AND RUN WHEN WE MAKE A CAST. Whether its due to a poor presentation, the fish catching sight of us or something completely random and out of our control doesn’t matter. The pain is the same and it’s our natural reaction to consider that […]