The Word Is Out that the flats surrounding the island of Oahu are THE place to target TROPHY HAWAII BONEFISH. On Bonefish Hawaii Charters we have good shots at large fish daily, most often seen as singles, pairs, or in small groups; occasionally they are tailing, but generally just hungry, happy, and did we mention BIG!

Hawaii Bonefish Average 5-6 Pounds (no, this is not a typo) with double-digit fish encountered very regularly. Hawaii Bonefish of these proportions can be over ten years old and are highly educated. These big boys are extremely wary, difficult to fool, and will challenge even the most seasoned angler. Our goal at Bonefish Hawaii is to put you in the right place at the right time for a shot at a giant bonefish, perhaps the Fish of a Lifetime.




The Island of Oahu is the place for Hawaii Bonefish. There are numerous flats to explore, wading is firm, and Hawaii Bonefish are Available All Year. The challenges can be breezy tradewinds, passing cloud cover, and a multi-colored coral bottom. Bring your “A” game as these breezes will definitely test your tightest loops. A great pair of amber polarized glasses and lots of patience pay off. To hedge our bets we carefully choose Hawaii Bonefish flats each day considering wind, tide, sun, and the angler’s level of experience. We have been fishing these same flats since the late 1970s and put this knowledge to work for you.


Like skinny water fishing anywhere, Hawaii Bonefish movements are driven by tides, wind, and waves, causing bonefish to flow on and off flats as they hunt for prey. Knowing these tidal variations on every flat we fish, and Over 40 Years Experience, is the Key to Our High Success Rate. At times Monster Hawaii Bonefish can be found tailing in super-skinny ankle deep water, on other tides fish are more likely to be found in knee deep water where they are easily accessed via our Chittum Flats Skiff. This stealthy state-of-the-art flats skiff will put you in the right place at the right time.


Hawaii Bonefish are big, strong and can be difficult to land. Bring a fast action 7 or EIGHT-WEIGHT fly rod with a solid saltwater fly reel that holds at least 150 yards of backing. It is not uncommon to use all of this backing on a big fish. We suggest saltwater tapered floating lines like the RIO Bonefish Quick Shooter or Rio Elite Flats Pro Bonefish. These specialty saltwater lines will not melt in the heat and will turn big flies over in a breeze. Nine-10 foot salt water tapered leaders will do it, we are big fans of a fluorocarbon tippett. We recommend your leaders be tapered to 15lb. A solid saltwater leader will help to drive your fly into the wind, and also give you a chance of landing your fish of a lifetime when he has you wrapped around a coral head 100 yards into your backing. We have success with a variety of fly patterns including Mantis Shrimp, Crabs, and a number of other Hawaii Bonefish and Permit fly patterns. Custom tied Poi Dog Flies are provided on all Bonefish Hawaii charters.

On All Bonefish Hawaii Guided Trips We Provide Sage Fly Rods, Sage Fly Reels, Nautilus Fly Reels, Rio Fly Lines, and an iced Yeti Cooler. Don’t leave home without a good pair of polarized glasses, amber lenses are our choice for Hawaii Flats. It’s also never a bad idea to bring along a pair of solid wading shoes and good rain jacket… we love Patagonia.


CHITTUM YACHTS is well known for manufacturing the world’s most advanced all-carbon fiber technical-poling skiffs. We access Hawaii Bonefish flats with a state-of-the-art Chittum Mangrove 18′. This skiff is without question the best technical-poling flats boat for the varied water and weather conditions we encounter on Oahu. Hawaii Bonefish flats fishing requires a shallow-draft hull for big bonefish in inches of water, a stable platform for a wide range of daily conditions including; big wind, occasional waves, and the possibility of two anglers. Most Important is Absolute Safety, this skiff will get you to the fishing and back each day. Every day we carry 3 oversized US Coastguard approved life vests, throw cushions, first aid kit, anchor, rope, chain, and fire extinguisher. Not to mention all the tackle we will need for the day. Lucky for you, you’ll rarely see any of it when you are casting from the elevated casting platform. With varied conditions in Hawaii it is essential to have proper safety equipment on board to be ready for anything, and we are. Fishing with this Chittum Skiff allows us to cover lots of water, slip into position, and help you make a strong presentation to a Monster Bonefish when it counts.