Patagonia Stormfront Pack Review

Patagonia Stormfront Pack Review

The Patagonia Stormfront pack review; These have been SUPER popular items for our trips to Christmas Island over the past several years – For that reason, I was very excited when I heard that Patagonia was making improvements and getting ready to release a new Stormfront series.

These packs are waterproof and tough as nails. Whether you’re on the skiff, on the salt flats or wading somewhere close to home, the Stormfront packs hold a lot of gear and keep everything totally dry. It’s easy to see why they have been so popular.

We are excited to announce that the redesigned Patagonia STOREFRONT ROLL-TOP PACK and the STORMFRONT HIP PACK are here. Patagonia didn’t change a whole lot on these packs – but the subtle changes really improve the usability. I’ve had a chance to use the new backpacks in a variety of situations, from Colorado to British Columbia to Christmas Island. After spending some time with the new version, here’s my gear review.

The first thing I noticed is a better fit. The bag itself is a bit longer. It will easily fit someone with a shorter torso length, but the new pack is more comfortable for tall people like myself. The previous version of the pack felt a bit awkward in that sense, with the waist belt coming around my ribs. The longer pack fits much better on my back and carries loads with more comfort.

Patagonia also made the new pack lighter and less bulky, a great feature for anyone who travels. The reduction in bulk includes a more streamlined shoulder harness with a comfortable air mesh straps. The only downside to this – and really my only complaint with the pack – is that the thinner shoulder harness becomes noticeable when the pack is loaded down and heavy. But in most situations and when used as designed, the harness performs very well.

One of the benefits of a longer bag is that the main opening zips further down the sides. The opening is larger and bag contents are easier to access. The main zipper is the same YKK zipper featured on the Rio Gallegos zip-front waders. It is the standard in waterproof zippers. The Roll-top is just that with a beefy snap connector that can meet on top or buckle down the opening to the side straps.

I’d say the ideal situations for this pack include anytime that dry storage is important. It’s great for carrying camera gear, extra layers or any other dry essentials. I’ve enjoyed wearing this pack on rainy days for Steelhead, on long walk on the flats,  and even during travel. It’s a perfect companion for saltwater fly fishing trips. I often use the pack it to carry an extra bottle of water for a guest or my rain jacket in case of a passing shower.

The new Storefront ROLLTOP PACKS and the HIP PACKS are available in three colors – black, grey and orange. The orange is bright, but I often get compliments on it when I’m traveling. Join us for another epic week at Christmas Island, hosted BC Steelhead adventure, or for some Monster Hawaiian Bonefish. The Patagonia Stormfront pack review

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