Bad News on the Oreti River New Zealand

Bad News on the Oreti River New Zealand

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Bad news on the Oreti River New Zealand | I am writing to advise that as of last week, the Southland District Council has filed an application with the resource management department at Southland District Council for land use consent to construct and maintain the ‘Around the Mountain Cycle Trial’.  Maurice is currently in Alaska and will be returning to work on Monday, 19 September .  Hence, I am writing to you and will be drafting a submission on behalf of Southland Fish & Game over the next couple of weeks.

Full details of the application in PDF format is available on the Southland District Council website:

The application includes information about the route selection and proposed design / construction.  Alternatively, a copy of the application can be viewed at the our office in Invercargill, Southland District Council offices in Invercargill and Winton or a copy of the application on CD can be requested from the Southland District Council.

The application has been publically notified which means that any person can make a written submission to the Southland District Council with regard to the application.  Submissions close on Friday, 23 September 2011.  Submissions are required to be in a specific format and should set out in writing:

  1. Your contact details;
  2. Your submission – Whether your support or oppose the entire application or specific parts of it;
  3. The reasons for your views; and
  4. The decision which you seek from the consent authority.

This is the email address for the person dealing with the application:  Some of us have written to him requesting an extension to the submission period which is only 20 working days. They do have the ability to extend this period.

It would be helpful also if we had some Americans writing letters to the editor of the Southland Times. Tourists views count for a lot here. is the email for this. Word limit is 250 words and you have to provide a name and address. Only your name and country will actually be printed, not your physical address.

Time is of the essence for submissions as we only have a couple of weeks left.

A copy of the submission form is available by clicking on the following link:  Alternatively, hard copies of the submission form are available from the Southland District Council or I can print and post you one if required.

Please contact me by return e mail or on 03 215 9117 if you have any questions or queries regarding the application made by the Southland District Council or the submission process.



Jacob Smyth

Southland Fish & Game


Also, here are some links to some of the online discussion forums, where there is some good info available.;f=1;t=3235


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