Baja Roosterfish

Baja Roosterfish

Our good friend Steve Herter sends us this “Runnin down the Man” moment from the Baja….

“I’m roaming down a beach near Spa Buena Vista and I see Jeff De Brown and his pal, Stacy.  I show up with a camera and these two experienced guides have the fish of a lifetime moment and no damn camera.

Two guides out fishing……Stacy 13 years of hard trying with one of the best rooster guides on the beach, Jeff DeBrown.

Years of running, sweating chasing, tying flies and asking the rooster gods, “Why me, Lords?” time after time as those spooky bastards just blow and go but today all those years and all that time finally paid off and it was your great day Stacy Corbin, Alaska fishing guide and your wonderful time of it Jeff, fishing with your old pal and watching him catch his Moby Dick of roostahs-“

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